What does ‘Arch’ stand for?  

It stands for my enthusiasm for working in the field of archaeology and architecture.
Of course representatives of other disciplines connected with material culture are also welcome.

What does ‘Service’ stand for?

It means that I would like to use my experience and knowledge of photogrammetry and remote sensing to help people
who are interested in material culture.


Is your job connected with material culture? Would you like to use new technologies in your work but you are unsure about how to apply them? 
You do not need to worry about this.

The video on the left shows what can be done to turn your photos into a 3D model. All you need is a camera and an idea of contacting me.

However creating models is not everything I do.You can check below what else
I can help you with.


This type of services are performed in cooperation with a client who provides me with material (collected beforehand according to my instructions). Next I analyse it. You do not need to worry about getting any access permission to museum collections or waiting for my arrival.
The biggest advantage is that costs are reduced as well as amount of time required for the data analysis.

Remote sensing

I preform this type of work in cooperation with a client who provides me with material (from airborne or terrestrial laser scanning). Next I process the data.
I can align point clouds you own. I can make various analyses to extract as much information as possible from the point clouds.
If you carry out a project in Poland, then just send me the location of the area you are interested in; I will obtain data that has been already collected (for the purpose of ISOK project) and I will process it accordingly.


Thanks to close cooperation with my employer for whom I work full-time, I can offer carrying out modern surveying technics.
By contacting me you can expect the best measurement technique for a given research problem and more effective communication since I am convinced that an archaeologist will better identify your needs. 

Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Mobile Laser Scanning

Airborne Laser Scanning

Ground-Penetrating Radar


I treat each work individually. Owing to the fact that there are too many changeable factors which influence a service price, I cannot create a general price list. I can, however, assure you that photogrammetry is affordable to anybody.


I am a history and an archaeology graduate of Szczecin University. I also completed GIS studies at West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. I have been involved in photogrammetry and remote sensing in archaeology for 10 years and for 6 years I have been working and developing my skills in a geodesic company. 

I do this work after hours not to lose touch with the past :)